Friday, July 21, 2017

Nine Months Old - Davis

Three quarters to one year. 
Davis is sitting, crawling, pulling up, cruising, blabbing nonsense, and has two teeth! A lot has happened in one month and all of the sudden he seems like a whole new person. Good thing we lowered his crib because his new trick is to pull up standing and then scream for help, because he can't get down. He is starting to rock and jump just like his brother Wyatt.

He is much more interested in what his brothers are up to and less content just hanging behind. He wants to play! I see even more disagreements in my future, yikes.

Davis has been sleeping through the night since he turned 9 months old over a week ago - knock on wood he continues. We never sleep trained, but glad he has (maybe) just grown out of waking for milk. He has been a pretty good sleeper since day one so sleep training felt 1. like I was too lazy to do it, and 2. I figured he would drop the feeding by himself when he was ready. Success.

At our nine month check up he checked out great. The doctor was impressed with all of the milestones he has already met, which was nice to hear. Even with my third child I am always worrying about everything. I have a feeling that will never go away!
Weight: 21 lbs
Height: I need to dig up his report
Head: 90th percentile

Healthy boy! 

Friday, June 30, 2017

First tooth - Davis

Today, at 8.5 months old, Davis popped his first tooth!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Adventures in potty training II

I had not planned to potty train Wyatt yet, but a couple of weeks ago I had about three diapers left and I had no plans to leave the house that day, so why not?
I pulled out the baby potty, told Wyatt he would get chocolate chips for peeing, and, voila - he peed! Since that day he's been peeing like a champion. He even wanted to stand up using the big toilet like Hunter, so we ditched the baby potty. Fine by me! I think he has had a total of three accidents (near the beginning) and is nap and night time trained. 

I can hardly believe it.
This process was different with Hunter for a few reasons. Hunter was in daycare, so the training was really inconsistent. Hunter and Wyatt are motivated by different things. Wyatt would kill for some chocolate chips, Hunter not so much. I am more experienced than I was the first time around! Once I took the diapers away, I promised myself not to give in which I think helped Wyatt. Once he picked out his big boy undies, we totally ditched the diapers.

Thank you Wyatt for being such a confident and motivated little man. 

Adventures in potty training with Hunter HERE

Eight Months Old - Davis

Our big boy Davis turned 8 months old last week! He is still in the lead as our biggest baby, weighing in at a whopping 21lbs. I believe Hunter was 19lbs and Wyatt was 20lbs at this age.
Davis is crawling and moving around the room at lightening speed. Nothing is safe these days and everything goes straight into his mouth, including mounds of dog hair (grossss).
This past week Davis has been waking up 3x per night and I am not sure why, but we are ready to get rid of those night feedings. Time to sleep train, for real this time! I am hesitant to do it because I really don't want to wake the other boys during the night, but I think Davis will benefit long term if we nip this in the bud as soon as possible.
He is eating everything! Cheese, beans, lentils, pb&j sandwiches, eggs, all fruits, cooked veggies, and loves baby puffs. He drinks out of a straw cup during meal times, just like his brothers did at this age. Still no teeth, but he manages to eat with no problems.

Davis is wearing size 9 months in clothes and mainly wears zip up sleepers. I don't dress him up as much as I did the other boys because the sleepers are much easier and seem to be more comfortable for him. He pretty much rotates the same five sleepers - sorry third child :)

He is still the happiest baby ever and is always smiling. His smile is contagious and he makes us all so happy. The big boys love him so much and always run to greet him. They want to play with him so badly (although I think that will change when Davis starts stealing their toys).

We love you Davis - can't believe you have been a part of our family for over eight months already.

See Wyatt at eight months HERE
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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Recent Snaps

Seven Months Old - Davis

Oh Davis, the sweetest little baby. All of the sudden Davis has transformed from and little baby that only drinks milk, to an energetic, wiggly, talkative, jumping, and hungry big baby. 
He loves food just like his brothers (cheese, puffs, rice krispys, lentils, rice, beans, banana bread (!), and chopped fruit. 
He is all over the place! He crawls backwards and rolls around the room. Goodbye to the days when I could put him on his playmat and go take a shower - it's not safe anymore. I can't believe he is already mobile. 
He wakes up 1-2 times per night (11pm-ish and 4am-ish. He really doesn't need the first feeding, but I am too tired these days to sleep train him. Also, he may be our last baby, so I am trying to enjoy the baby stage as I know it won't last forever. Having a twin bed in his room has been so nice for the middle of the night snuggles/feedings. 
Still no teeth! Hunter and Wyatt got their first teeth at 5 months old, so I figured Davis would too, but the dentist said he may not even get any until closer to his first birthday. 
He loves jumping in his johnny jumper and exersaucer and is getting really strong. Every morning after I get him up, I place him on his playmat and he will happily roll around and play for an hour or more. 
Davis loves life and is literally always smiling. His personality is so sweet, patient, and mellow and he makes me so happy. 

Saturday, May 6, 2017