Sunday, July 26, 2015


Sunday was a sad day as my parents dog Parker passed away. He was my buddy in high school and though he had a wonderful (and long) life, we will miss him. 
I have a lot of good memories with Abbie and Parker: playing fetch on the golf course, car rides in my mom's VW Beetle, long walks, bed sharing, and always a warm welcome home filled with licks.

Say hi to Abbie for us, Parker boy <3

Park days

We love finding new parks and luckily our town seems to have a ton of them. I stumbled upon this one the other day and made a mental note to take the kids this weekend. 
These two love the swings!

Hunter's 2nd Birthday Party

Thank you to our friends and family for celebrating Hunter's 2nd taco-bar-birthday-fiesta! The kids had a blast in the pool and we had fun spending the day with those closest to us. Hard to believe my baby is TWO.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


We had a busy weekend with birthdays, Wesley's baptism, and another family portrait. Happy (belated) birthday to my dad and Allison and happy baptism to baby Wesley! 

First tooth!

I got my first tooth at 5.5 months (7/18/2015)!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


love hiiiiim
weekend walk
telling Wyatt about his "moo" (mousse)
..and also giving Wywy his "nuk" (milk)
obsessed with his blocks!
belly kisses
wywy wywy wywy!
starbucks date
Wyatt giving Hunter a back massage
Cooper cleaned his face and Wyatt looked up like "what just happened?!"
new flippies! (spiderman)
pizza night
loving his independent play time