Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hunter and Cooper

Hunter's laugh kills me. He is ob-sesssed with Cooper these days. Pulls his hair, climbs all over him, and laughs every time he sees him. I love watching them, even with Coopers doofy lampshade on.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

SF Giants

Catching his first train
First SF Giants game as a family
Loving dad
Distracting while the LOUD crowds cheered
A baseball staple
Ear plugs!
Happy boy
Line for the slide was too long
First game - definitely not the last!
Showing off doing pull-ups on the train. People loved him!
Milk break (and stripped off his pants)
Party passengers made him a Mexican man balloon :)
Was a beautiful day in SF today and I am happy we were able to enjoy it. Hunter did great, all things considered. He experienced his first train ride, first giants game, and got his first custom shaped balloon! Hunter always amazes me with how patient and flexible he is when traveling - I always expect the worst, but he continues to prove me wrong :)

Bright Lights

Robert was out of town for the night so I was sending him photos and videos of bedtime - so excuse the commentary, but I LOVE this video. I didn't realize while I was initially taking the video that my flash was on and his reaction to the light is priceless. I think I have watched this a million times on my phone..too adorable.

Little Climber

Mr. Hunter never stops! His curiosity gets the best of him and he is into everything. What a fun thing to watch as a parent. Before becoming a mother I always thought stages like this would be annoying and frustrating, but I love watching Hunter dig in and learn about his surroundings. I can see him thinking and putting ideas together. I might be eating my words later, but for now life cannot get any sweeter. 

The Big Snip

Drugged up on the ride home
He stared at the wall for an hour
..and then passed out
Pretty much what he's been doing the last two days..
We decided back in April 2013 when we got Cooper that we would neuter him when he turned one. Life got a little busy, but we finally got around to scheduling the appointment and as of Friday, Cooper is off the market! 
The first night he did OK..he whined a bit and was pretty bothered by the cone, as expected, but since has been doing just fine. Our biggest challenge is not running into doors and walls! He is such a doof and with the cone he is even doofier. Oh, and Robert and I failed to communicate about who gave him his pain meds and we ended up doubling his meds - yikes! After a call to the ER doc, we were instructed to watch him for any crazy behavior. He was fine..really fine. I think the extra dose was much appreciated on his part because he fell asleep and didn't make a peep!
We love this dog and we are so happy he is in our lives. Hunter finds him hilarious as it is, but with the cone on he never stops laughing.
Cheers to you, Mr. Cooper.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Atherton 5K

Our schedules are so jam-packed between work, Robert's school, and Hunter that during the week we hardly hangout as a family. I have been itching to start some sort of exercise since I really haven't worked out since I found out I was pregnant, yikes.

I am not much of a runner, but 5K's are super doable, and even better, we can do them as a family! I signed us up for Atherton's 5K, which supports the Menlo and Atherton sports programs. We have a few more races lined up in the near future, so we look forward to running races more often. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Nine Months!

How is he 3/4 of the way to ONE? Happy nine months big boy, we love you. 
Likes: crawling, babbling, eating everything, laughing, and going from crawling to sitting position. 
Dislikes: not much - teething? He only cries when he is hungry, tired, or teething.

New: he is crawling everywhere, has three teeth (and three more sprouting, ouch), and this morning he pulled himself up into a standing position in his crib. It looks like we really need to get on the baby-proofing wagon (wahh). Perhaps that will be an activity we do this weekend.

Weighs: still at 18lbs
Eats: everything! Pretty much whatever we eat, he eats aside from foods that pose a choking hazard. He is also now exclusively on formula. 
We have his nine month wellness check-up on Monday, so we are looking forward to that. He seems to be by-the-book with most milestones so far, which is great and predictable, but we always look forward to the doctors appointments for reassurance anyway.

Always moving

First Time Swingin'

I've been wanting to put Hunter in a baby swing for months now, but couldn't find one (surprisingly). We found a new park in PA that is amazing - not only does it have a baby swing, but it has a dog park for Mr. Cooper! What a beautiful weekend it is, we are soaking it up.

Happy Jack

This kid cracks us up daily. He is such an easy and funny guy. Who needs toys when you have a drool rag?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

SJ Giants

We went to an SJ Giants game last weekend to support PG baseball and it was HOT. We got a picture with the mascot (last year's picture I was pregnant with Hunter!). The minor league games are fun because the crowd is smaller and the tickets are cheaper :) Must do again.

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