Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

So much to be thankful this year - baby Davis and my healthy family of FIVE. Also thankful not to have to travel home for the holidays anymore :)
Thank you to both of our families for hosting delicious meals!

Life Lately

Life is busy in the Andersen house. Davis is "waking up" from his newborn phase and enjoys his activity mat more and more. Wyatt is growing up and is far from a baby these days. He keeps askingg ti go potty on the toilet - yikes. Hunter got an A+ report from the dentist and sat patiently like a pro! I was very proud of him. 
Life with three littles is busy, but the transition has been a little easier than going from one kid to two, so that has been a relief. I still don't venture out with all three much, as Davis is still napping a lot and the boys can usually stay occupied in the play room or backyard.

7 weeks old - Davis

Davis you are a dream! 
Davis continues to sleep and eat like a champ. He doesn't fuss too much, as long as he is rested and fed. I don't know his weight yet, but he is fitting into his 3 month clothes so we know he is growing. 
He is cooing a little bit and gives me a biggest, gummiest smiles - ahhh. 
We had our first witching hour last night, but I put him in the Ergo while cooking dinner and he passed out. I remember lots of evenings like that with Hunter and Wyatt so I expected it would be coming eventually. Hopefully it wont be a regular occurrence ;)
Love you big guy!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016

I wasn't sure what Halloween was going to look like this year since we didn't know when Davis would arrive. It ended up being so much fun! Hunter was Daniel the Tiger, Wyatt was a Lion, and Davis was Frankenstein. We visited the library for a haunted house, trick or treated downtown, and went to a Halloween party at Aunt Mames house. 
Hunter's favorite part of the holiday was passing out candy to our trick or treaters. The next morning the first thing he asked me was if he could go pass out candy to the trick or treaters - I had to explain that the holiday was over...womp, womp. I got lots of "why mommy?" "Is it still spooky outside?" I love his little mind at this age.

Two weeks old

Davis is two weeks old and doing great! He loves to eat and sleep and has started keeping his eyes open a little longer in between his naps. He even looks around at pictures on the walls and random things around the house (flowers!). 
I'm not sure how much he weighs, but he is definitely gaining, as he seems to fill out his newborn sleepers more. 
He still wakes 1-2 times a night (around 1:30am and 4:30am) to feed and is a dream baby. 
His eyes are very blue and his fuzzy head is looking blonder. He's had one bath (hated it!) and just started sitting in his bouncer. 
Love you, Davis!