Monday, April 25, 2016

13-15 weeks - Baby #3

Hello second trimester! Baby is now 4 inches long and the size of an apple. 
I am finally feeling out of the woods with all the first trimester exhaustion and nausea- hooray :) 
I am in the process of switching doctors so I am not sure when my next appointment is, but I was told my new doctor would likely do a baseline ultrasound, which means we get a bonus look at our little babe. Can't wait! 
I am sad to be leaving my physician at Stanford, but it makes sense for me to be closer to home, especially now that I am home with the boys everyday and they aren't at daycare. 
I am still not showing nearly as much as I was with Wyatt at this point which surprises me being my third pregnancy. I am also having some heartburn this time which I didn't really experience the last two pregnancies. I think I remember having it twice at the verrrry end of Wyatts pregnancy. 
I started feeing flutters at 14 weeks and can't wait for those baby kicks to get stronger. Overall I feel pretty normal and can't complain :)

Alice in Wonderland

I took Hunter on a mommy/son date to see Alice in Wonderland in Carmel with my sisters and their kids - Hunter loved it! I was nervous about him sitting still and being quiet for that length of time, but he didn't take his eyes off of the stage and he danced in his seat. He told me his favorite part of the play was the lights - so cute! I will definitely be taking him again :)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring lovin'

It has been gorgeous here lately and we have basically been living outside with walks, parks, baseball games, beach, and lots of naked backyard time. Wyatt battled a fever over the weekend so Robert and I took turns being outside with Hunter to keep him busy. Happy to report Wyatt seems to be feeling better now. 
Hunter is loving watering the plants, filling up Coopers water bowl, and playing with his water table. We have been enjoying lunch and dinner outside and the boys new picnic table has worked out great - perfect size! 
We had an ultrasound and got to peek at baby #3 - all is good! No hints as to whether it is a he or she, but baby is measuring right on track and even waved at the camera. Can't believe the baby already looked so big in the ultrasound and has grown so much in just a few short weeks <3

Sunday, April 10, 2016


PG Living

We are officially Pacgrovians! I quit my job and am officially a stay at home mom (for now)!
It has been an exhausting move, as I worked up until the day before the truck arrived. Also, now we have two small kids, so that takes moving to the next level! But seeing the house come together has been fun and I look forward to slowly decorating and settling in.
The transition from being a working mom to a stay at home mom has been a learning experience. I am so used to a fast paced day with not nearly enough time for anything (including my kids) and my primary focus being my job. 
Now all eyes are on my kids, which has been really nice some days and challenging on other days. I am learning to walk slower, listen more, and get creative with activities! No reason to rush or be busy all the time. Sometimes playing trucks in the front yard for two hours or building towers in the backyard is just what we need. 
So far we have been walking everywhere! Coffee shops, dinner, sisters houses, beach trips, parks, Robert Down after dinner, and of course The Good Ol Days. Our location is awesome and we look forward to making memories here. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Family of FIVE

Robert and I are excited to announce we are expecting baby number 3! I found out in February I am pregnant and due October 17th with our third little babe. We are so, so excited and can't wait to find out if it is a boy or girl (probably not for another couple of months). 

So far I have been feeling the same as my last two pregnancies, tired and nauseous, but overall not as bad as some women have it. It is challenging keeping up after two toddlers and feeling "sick", but somehow you just push through and do it. I am currently 12 weeks pregnant and thankful to be out of the first trimester. I seemed to pop around the same time as I did with Wyatt, but this past week the bump has disappeared and is no where to be found! 
I've been taking weekly pictures like I did with Hunter and Wyatt and love looking at the comparison shots. Crazy and amazing how our bodies change. We can't wait to meet you little babe!
Telling Robert the news on Valentines Day <3

Saturday, April 2, 2016

14 Months - Wyatt

My meatball is 14 months old! He is such a lovey guy and so different from Hunter these days. I see the resemblance of them, but am seeing more differences as they get older.
Wyatt has the sweetest face, eyes, THIGHS, and hugs. He is intense and impulsive. He knows what he wants and he goes for it - food, toys, Hunter, etc. - when he wants it he gets it! There is something about him that has me constantly saying "aww" and giving him huge kisses on his fat cheeks. He is just so delicious.

-Wearing 18 months-2T (the boys basically share everything, except shoes)
-Weighs 26-27lbs
-Cruising like a maniac and has started standing unassisted - no walking yet though
-Likes: food, being held, sleeping, taking Hunter's toys, cruising, climbing, and being naked
-Dislikes: diaper changes, car seat sometimes, seeing someone's food and not getting a taste

Wyatt is an unpacker, he likes to take everything out of drawers, boxes, etc. (i.e. he was not helpful during the packing process!). He is a daredevil and loves to climb. He climbs the couch, ottoman, rocking chair, etc. Soon he will be the child that climbs the entertainment center and knocks over the tv.
In short, Wyatt will be the scariest toddler, but we love him. He brings us so much joy and makes me want a million little boys.