Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bunked Up

To say these guys are excited to share a room is an understatement. They are so, so happy with their bunk beds and will hangout in their room for as long as I allow it. Wyatt doesn't sleep in a big boy bed yet, so we stuck a pack n play in there for now. After the excitement wears off a bit we will take the pack n play out and turn the bottom bunk into a twin bed. 
I was so nervous and anxious about this since bedtime was so easy for us, but surprisingly it has been pretty smooth. They take about 30 minutes to relax and quiet down before falling asleep (as opposed to about 10 minutes when they had their own rooms).

St. Patrick's Day

The leprechaun made a visit to our house and the boys were so excited! The one day of year they get sugary marshmallow cereal for breakfast - yum. Hunter kept telling me Santa visited; getting his holidays confused :)

Sunday, March 5, 2017


I am officially 31, yikes. Robert and I celebrated with dinner at The Bench in Pebble Beach. We love sitting fireside looking out to the ocean. Sunday we had coffee and pastries with family. Not a bad weekend!