Thursday, August 29, 2013

Four Weeks Old

Four weeks old: more alert, very strong, and a big eater. His personality seems to come out more and more each day and we can't believe how much he has grown already. I am pretty sure the newborn sized clothes will be packed away within the next couple of weeks - yikes!
Loved his second bath

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oma's in Town

Happy to have Oma here this week to help me during Robert's first week back at work. I've been able to get my nails done, relax, eat lots of frozen yogurt, and Robert and I got to go on our first date. So nice!

Cooper scored lots of extra walks, too - thank you, Oma!

First Bath

And the first time I got peed on! Won't be the last, I'm sure. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Newborn Life

Today is Robert's first day back at work - to say I have been nervous all week is an understatement. You see, being a dad is like second nature to Robert. He is very laid back with Hunter and seems to swiftly move through the motions. I'm not technically doing everything solo since my mom and sister are visiting, but I am still nervous that Robert isn't  here (who is going to burp the baby?! How am I going to pee Cooper? Will I even shower today?!). 
I will look back on our three weeks of family time we had together and cherish those memories - I don't think Robert and I have ever spent three weeks together with no work, so it has been really nice for us. I've taken notes from my husband and hoping to apply his (burping and diaper changing) techniques accordingly :)

So far, so good. I am showered, caffeinated, Cooper is peed, and I am actually writing a blog post. Success! 

Photo Shoot Teasers

When Hunter was ten days old, we had a photographer come and take some newborn shots. We had him take a few casual family shots as well since it isn't often we get professional photos taken. 
Here are a couple of teasers the photographer sent me - I love them!

I love his expression - it captures him perfectly

Three weeks old

Cooper graduated school
The face of hunger
Loving his facial expressions these days
C'mon Giants
Baby hoodie!
My bug
Robert caught us napping

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Hunter was awake for two long blocks of time today, so I pulled out his play mat for some stimulation. It was fun to see him take everything in and watch his little faces!
Then it was time to eat. Again.
Happy two weeks, little Hunter :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Can't believe how quickly Hunter is changing! He is eating like crazy and his cheeks are getting nice and plump. He is generous and gives us about three hour stretches of sleep. We have his two week check up tomorrow, so we are looking forward to seeing how much weight he's gained. Can't believe we have had him for almost two weeks already!
Sporting penny loafers
Coffee date and some window shopping
Lots of yawning around these parts
Friday night park date
Practicing in his crib
Auntie Amy to the rescue!
More snoooozin'
Walking with my boys

Thursday, August 8, 2013

One week old!

Our first week at home has been so much fun. We have made several first time parenting mistakes (that pee can squirt FAR!) that have is cracking up, even at 3am. 
Hunter had his days and nights mixed up so our nights were a little fussy at first, but I think we have it figured out - he has been wide eyed all morning. He is eating well and after day six we have the breastfeeding down - success!
Here are some shots from our week.
First family walk
First pediatrician appointment - all is good!

Big bro Cooper

Showing off his limbs

Catching up on the Kardashian's


First car ride - glad I wasn't driving

Time to go home!

Brand new
One of the first photos I took
Starbucks run

Monday, August 5, 2013

Hunter Riedel Andersen

Born on Thursday, August 1st at 6:11pm
7lbs 7oz - 20 inches long
He is perfect and we are so in love!