Saturday, March 15, 2014


The weather has been nice and warm lately so we decided to take Hunter to the pool for his first dip. He loved it! We have swimming lessons scheduled for the next couple of weekends and can't wait!


New couch!
Crawling backwards

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Seven Months

Posting this a week late. It's been a busy week at work and I haven't time time to update. 
We had plans to go to Tahoe last weekend for some skiing, snowboarding, and sledding adventures, but Hunter got sick and there was a storm, so we decided to play it safe and plan for another weekend. I was happy to soak up the weekend at home with Hunter anyway, since I won't be seeing him as much. 

Let's see, Hunter is officially a rolling machine and we have to keep an eye on him at all times. Nothing is baby-proofed yet and he rolls around the room, so if we leave the room he is either in the exersaucer, his crib, or with us. 

Hunter wants to crawl so bad! He grunts, planks, wiggles, shakes his head, and eventually slams his face into the carpet in exhaustion. He'll get it soon enough, I am sure.

He is very smiley and giggly these days. Nothing really upsets him unless he is tired or hungry (same as always) and he is a joy to be around. I was nervous when he started showing symptoms of being sick because I wasn't looking forward to having a cranky Hunter all day, but he hasn't been that bad. His fussiness was more sad than anything. Nothing a little Tylenol couldn't cure - 20 minutes after some Tylenol and he is a smiley-rolling-machine.  

We took him to the doctor when he was sick and he is still 18lbs. The last couple of weeks he seems to be taller and skinnier. With all of the moving he does, this doesn't surprise me.
In addition to homemade purees twice a day, he eats mum mum rice crackers, mushed up tofu, smoothies, and occasionally bites of what we are eating. His gag reflex is very sensitive so we mostly stick to milk and purees. He tried a dab of peanut butter and absolutely loved it. Our pediatrician encouraged us to introduce foods that have been discouraged in the past due to the possibility of allergic reactions because there are new studies showing the longer these foods are withheld from the child the more likely they will develop an allergy to it. Since Robert and I do not have any food allergies, foods like eggs, nut butters, and dairy at Hunter's age are a-okay in her book. The only food he cannot have until he is two, is honey. After we introduce a new food, we watch him for a day to make sure he doesn't have any rashes or anything scary. So far, so good! 

Not much else is new - oh well, besides the fact that I think his hair is getting thicker - thoughts?!