Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hot Fall Nights

Our summer is here! While many are layering for Fall, we were peeling off our clothes this past week with temperatures in the 90's! 
While Robert was thrilled to take the boys to the beach, my (very) pregnant self was a little too hot. Wyatt and I even took a cold bath together for an hour one afternoon because we just couldn't get comfortable.
There IS something adorable about naked babies playing in the water out back, ice cream runs, BBQ'ing, and living with all the windows open that you just can't beat, though :)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Pumpkin Patch 2016

It was a hot morning of picking in Carmel Valley! Earthbound Farms has a lot of things to do for kids, other than picking pumpkins. They have a kids garden with herbs, fruits, and veggies. A huge teepee, picnic benches, and a store. The boys loved the kids garden and running around the property. 
I wanted to go early this year in case we can't make it back closer to Halloween due to baby tres and I am glad we did because now we are ready for Halloween early this year - we just need our baby pumpkin to arrive :)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Harper's 5th Birthday!

It was a hot day and PG - perfect for celebrating the birthday girl at the park.

 The boys had a blast playing with all the kids, stealing scooters, playing catch with Oma, and eating cake and cookies. 
Hunter was sooo excited all week to give Harper her birthday gift. Grasping the concept of gift-giving is a challenge at 3 years old, so it was cute to watch.

Happy 5th Harps, can't believe it's been five years already!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Growing like weeds

These days are BUSY. 

always a competition :)
Wyatt is really beyond his years - his talking is insane and is more at a two year old level, his strength is immense - again, a two year old level, and his independence is emerging rapidly. People at the park constantly ask me his age and are really surprised when I tell them he is only19 months old - and I agree! Most of me loves this because he can keep up with the big kids and communicate what he wants, but a tiny part of me misses the moldable and dependent baby that does not have an opinion about everything ;)

no fear
Hunter is testing more boundaries and also becoming his own little person. I notice his self awareness is surfacing and when I observe him in different environments it is fun to see him think things out and decide how he will respond. It is interesting to think about what is going on in his little head when he is making decisions. Hunter is a wild three year old with his family members, but at school he is very cautious, polite, and careful, and according to his teacher she is trying to "break him out of his shell." 

loves to bake and help prepare meals
Three year olds are funny little beings - so incredibly frustrating, but also really funny and conversational. Bedtime conversations are my favorite with Hunter and I love listening to what he talks about (kids remember really random details).

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Bad to the bone! Hunter and I baked and delivered cookies to the PG Firefighters last weekend. We when dropped the cookies off the firefighter gave Hunter a tour of the garage with all of the big trucks and sent him home with coloring books and tattoos! He has a fascination with fire trucks but has refused to climb up into the driver seat on several occasions because it is "scarewee mommy!" 

Monday, September 19, 2016

34-36 Weeks - Baby #3

This pregnancy overall has been a little different than the other two and has proved true again with false labor. The other night Robert and I were sitting on the couch and I started feeling like I did the same night I went into labor with Wyatt. I kind of panicked, as nothing was really ready for the baby (car seat, hospital bag, a name, etc.) and we didn't have a plan for the boys if I were to go into labor. Talk about third child/pregnancy problems.

On Saturday I was home all day alone with the boys and it was an insane day - just one of those disasters of a day that involved a lot of poop, spills, booboos, crying, comcast guys working on our house for over three hours, fighting, and overall insanity - all while having contractions and cramping. I am wondering if this baby is going to tease me for the next four weeks (no thank you!).

Needless to say, I hopped on Amazon over the weekend to order a few baby essentials, since we lost all of our newborn items, packed the hospital bag, and installed the car seat base. 

I had an ultrasound today and baby looks great! He is measuring 6lbs 7oz and on track to be about 8lbs, if he comes on my due date. Baby was super active during the ultrasound and the doctor was really happy with all of his measurements (head, belly, legs, etc.) and positioning (he is head down and ready to go). We saw his cute little butt chin and chubby little cheeks - just like his brothers! 
Beyond excited to meet this little man and for his brothers to meet him <3

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Party Crashers

We crashed Haley's 13th birthday party and had a blast with the photo backdrop. 
Props and cake win!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Harvesting at the O's

We took the boys over to the O's house to harvest tomatoes and zucchini - they were so good! Hunter and Wyatt love tomatoes, so these heirlooms were a special treat. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Wellness Checks

Healthy boys! Thankful Oma was there to help me wrangle the boys. 
Hunter was great and was excited to be at the doctor, but Wyatt was just not a fan and tried to escape the whole time. 
Hunter was ready!
Poor Wyatt! At least he didn't notice when the nurse stuck him with a shot. 
Thank goodness for chubby thighs :)
Hunter: 30lbs (40%), Wyatt: 29lbs (95%)

Photo Dump

This boy doesn't leave a drop
Mornings with my boys
Playdate snacks
Walking to park from our new house
Visiting dad at "work"
Last bath in our old house