Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas was fun and busy this year with two kids. Hunter got a balance bike from Santa, which was exciting. Wyatt got a remote and a wooden hammer aet that seems to be keeping him busy :) The kids had a blast hanging with the fam and passed out immediately in the car on our way home. Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Ten Months Old - Wyatt

Double digits! 
Wyatt is less baby-like every day and full of personality. He is babbling like crazy and gets around the house fast. 
Likes: eating, jumping in the johnny jumper, his paci, standing/cruising the outside of the ottoman, funny faces and voices, putting everything in his mouth, and being tickled. 
Dislikes: staying in one place too long, being hungry, losing his paci, getting dressed. 
Teeth: 6
Weight: 22.5lbs
Size: 12 months
Sleep: 7pm-5:45/6am (if we give him his paci sometimes he'll sleep in until 6:45am). Naps twice a day - 8-10am, 12:30-3ishPM. Sometimes longer. Yesterday he napped from 1-4pm!
Wyatt has a very healthy appetite and usually eats more than Hunter during mealtime. The other day for breakfast he ate two eggs, a whole banana, black beans, cheerios, and 8oz of milk. For lunch he ate a whole pb&j sandwich. For dinner he ate quinoa, peas, black beans, raspberries, and milk. I don't know how he possibly eats this much!
Words: yeah, yeah, yeah! Dadda, mamma, and cat
Wyatt you are unpredictable and such a mamas boy. You love playing with your bro and stealing his toys (which he hates). 
Love you so much!

See Hunter at 10 months here

Oh Christmas Tree

Last weekend we picked out our charlie brown tree! We wanted something off the ground so our little crawler couldn't pull it down and found the perfect one at Webb Ranch. Hunter was mesmerized by the tree shaking process that happens before the tree gets netted and could not stop staring. 
This weekend will pull out the ornaments and decorate, but for now we are enjoying the extra sparkle in the family room.

Wes turns ONE

Happy birthday Wesley! 
We celebrated Wes' birthday in Carmel Valley at Earthbound Farms. Can't believe he is one already (which means Wyatt is just around the corner, wah!).
Within the first hour of the party Hunter had bonked his head twice and Wyatt had sliced his finger open. They recovered quickly and had a blast running around the property and watching Wes open up his gifts.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Thank you to both families for hosting such nice Thanksgivings this year! This year we had three more cousins join the family - so fun and busy :)


dressing himself these days. Wyatt's 6 month onesie!