Friday, February 22, 2013

17 Weeks

How far along? 17 weeks 
Maternity clothes? Wearing my new tops, but still haven't been wearing maternity pants very often. I was gifted a pair of maternity leggings and a long sleeved maternity shirt that I have been living in - so comfortable (thanks Allison!)
Symptoms: Does emotional count? Occasional bouts of nausea, but otherwise not much.
Sleep: Great! I am savoring it now since I know I will start getting more uncomfortable soon.

Best moment this week:
Move-in day today! We lucked out with our next door neighbors moving out of a two bedroom/two bathroom, so we don't have to move very far. I am so happy that the baby will have his/her own bedroom & bathroom and can't wait to start decorating the nursery. Bonus - the place is updated and much bigger than our current place. Looks like we can put off the dreaded house hunt for awhile!

Worst moment of the week: Figuring out how to move next door - it seems easy, but without boxes it is sort of tricky. I guess I will get a good workout walking back and forth?
Have you told family and friends: Yes!

Miss anything? Stomach sleeping

Movement: Not sure about this one. So far there have been two instances where I might have felt movement but I'm not 100%. It felt like someone dragged their nails softly over my stomach. Can't wait until I know for sure it's the baby.

Food cravings: I've been loving goat cheese this week. So good!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still spinach, wahh. I am choking down mixed greens at lunch, but it's really not good.

Have you started to show yet: Yes - and I am still waiting for a stranger to say something, hah! 

Moving day!
My Gender prediction: At this point I don't know. Only a few weeks until we know for sure.
Labor signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: I had a couple of moody days this week. Even though we are only moving next door, the organizing and logistics stress me out. On the flip side I am so happy we found a new space that will work for us.

Looking forward to: Decorating the nursery :)
Baby A, size of a turnip!
What's the baby up to? 
  • The umbilical cord is growing thicker and stronger.
  • Fetus weight is just over 5 ounces (150g).
  • Baby is about 5 inches (14cm) long crown to rump.
  • and would be about 9 inches (23cm) head to toe, if it could stretch out.
  • The retina has become sensitive to light.
  • The first stools (meconium) are now beginning to accumulate.
They recycle the amniotic fluid by swallowing up to a litre a day. Meconium (composed of products of cell loss, digestive secretion and swallowed amniotic fluid), is accumulating in the bowel. Fat stores begin to develop under your baby's skin this week. The fat will provide energy and help keep your baby warm after birth.


  1. Your bump is too cute! See you tomorrow!

  2. Congrats on finding a [new] place!

  3. Yee haw! Love the bump and so happy you found a new place so close :)

  4. Looking great, Anna. Nice that you and Robert have space now since you're growing :)