Friday, July 12, 2013

37 Weeks - Full Term

How far along? 37 weeks
Size: Watermelon
Maternity clothes? I got some new tops, thanks to my mom! I feel like a new woman (and I am sure my neighbors appreciate it).
Symptoms: Lots of pressure, contractions, exhaustion, morning headaches, etc. Does nesting count as a symptom? 
Mid-week picnic in the park
Sleep: Sleep is still great, I feel lucky. Just wish I felt rested when I woke up. I could go back to bed about two hours later.
Best moment this week: Finding out on Monday that the baby flipped to head down - hooray! Doctor also predicted baby will be 7.5-8lbs (previously predicted 8.5-9lbs) so I am thankful for that. 
Taking a quick trip to Monterey for a dentist appointment and being able to hangout with most of the family for a night. Missed you Adam and Kaila!

Worst moment of the week: Nothing I can think of
Miss anything? Sleeping without my Snoogle and mess of pillows. It's not easy hiking my big self over that thing every time I need to get up. I could go for a margarita too. Mmm.
Movement: He is still keeping busy in there. He gets the hiccups a lot, which is cute.
Food cravings: I am not craving any in particular, but I did get my fix this week from my thrifty craving I had a few months ago - thank you sissies and mom. Chocolate malt crunch, say what!
9 months pregnant + double square scoop = happiness
Anything making you queasy or sick: I still wake up feeling sick, but it passes.
Have you started to show yet: Most definitely. 

Labor signs: Contractions, pressure, etc. Nothing immediate, but I can tell he is getting ready. 
Belly Button in or out? Flat and sometimes half out.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy - emotional
Looking forward to: Cooper starts school tomorrow - we can't wait. He can sit, lie down, and shake, but he'll need to learn some more manners before his brother arrives.
This week I hope to get some healthy freezer meals made and get the carseat installed (finally).
Baby A, size of a watermelon
What's the baby up to?
  • Typically, baby now measures 19.5 inches from the head to the heel.
  • Baby weighs up to 7 pounds.
  • The head diameter is over 3.5 inches.
  • The water could break at any time.
Gaining one ounce per day, your baby is growing rapidly. Keeping your pelvic floor muscles toned will aid in a quicker recovery from the birth. An elbow, foot or head may protrude from your stomach when baby stretches and squirms about. Soon, as the wall of your uterus and your abdomen stretch thinner and let in more light, your baby will begin to develop daily activity cycles.
Even though you are three weeks from your due date, you are now considered 'at term'. In most cases, nothing will be done to stop your labor once it starts, even if it is before your 40th week.


  1. Next time we see you, Baby A will be here!

  2. Pack your hospital bag...that babe is coming!

  3. thank goodness you got your thirfty's! good to see you :)