Friday, August 23, 2013

Newborn Life

Today is Robert's first day back at work - to say I have been nervous all week is an understatement. You see, being a dad is like second nature to Robert. He is very laid back with Hunter and seems to swiftly move through the motions. I'm not technically doing everything solo since my mom and sister are visiting, but I am still nervous that Robert isn't  here (who is going to burp the baby?! How am I going to pee Cooper? Will I even shower today?!). 
I will look back on our three weeks of family time we had together and cherish those memories - I don't think Robert and I have ever spent three weeks together with no work, so it has been really nice for us. I've taken notes from my husband and hoping to apply his (burping and diaper changing) techniques accordingly :)

So far, so good. I am showered, caffeinated, Cooper is peed, and I am actually writing a blog post. Success! 


  1. Proud of you son! Proud that your wife has such nice things to say about you!

  2. So, so sweet :) Looking forward to spending some time with Baby Hunter and his 'rents :)