Saturday, February 18, 2017

Four Months Old - Davis

Davis! The happiest baby there ever was.
On February 13th, Davis turned four months old and I can hardly believe it. He is so much fun and getting more and more interactive. When he is not eating or sleeping, you can find Davis on his play mat, exersaucer, bouncer, or on my lap :) I think he is sturdy enough to start using his johnny jumper, so I plan to get that out of storage in the next week. 
He had his four month wellness check and weighs 16lbs. He is in the 65% for weight, 93% for head circumference, and 75% for height - THAT HEAD! 
The doctor said his neck is very strong and she couldn't stop commenting on how smiley he was, haha. She gave us the green light for starting solids, so in the next couple of weeks I might introduce some veggies and mum mums. 
He loves his sleep and naps 3-4 times a day and feeds about two times per night

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