Thursday, May 25, 2017

Seven Months Old - Davis

Oh Davis, the sweetest little baby. All of the sudden Davis has transformed from and little baby that only drinks milk, to an energetic, wiggly, talkative, jumping, and hungry big baby. 
He loves food just like his brothers (cheese, puffs, rice krispys, lentils, rice, beans, banana bread (!), and chopped fruit. 
He is all over the place! He crawls backwards and rolls around the room. Goodbye to the days when I could put him on his playmat and go take a shower - it's not safe anymore. I can't believe he is already mobile. 
He wakes up 1-2 times per night (11pm-ish and 4am-ish. He really doesn't need the first feeding, but I am too tired these days to sleep train him. Also, he may be our last baby, so I am trying to enjoy the baby stage as I know it won't last forever. Having a twin bed in his room has been so nice for the middle of the night snuggles/feedings. 
Still no teeth! Hunter and Wyatt got their first teeth at 5 months old, so I figured Davis would too, but the dentist said he may not even get any until closer to his first birthday. 
He loves jumping in his johnny jumper and exersaucer and is getting really strong. Every morning after I get him up, I place him on his playmat and he will happily roll around and play for an hour or more. 
Davis loves life and is literally always smiling. His personality is so sweet, patient, and mellow and he makes me so happy. 

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