Monday, February 3, 2014

Six Months!

Happy half birthday to Hunter! 
I can't believe he is already six months old. A lot has changed this month: he has two bottom teeth, sits, does push-ups, rolls both ways, eats solids twice a day, cracks up at Cooper (and funny faces), sleeps on his stomach, easily distracted when eating, and is now showing signs of wanting to crawl! This past month has by far been the most fun!
Likes: rolling, eating "real" food, Cooper, exersaucer, standing, chewing on everything, drooling 
(everywhere), pulling my hair, and sleeping on his stomach.
Dislikes: being tired or hungry <-- he is not very difficult to please :)
Length: 27.25 inches, 80th percentile (he was 25 inches at his four month appointment)
Weight: 17.25lbs 50th percentile (he was 15lbs at his four month appointment)
I am surprised at his weight, since I thought he would be heavier. Those round cheeks are deceiving! We got the green light on introducing everything except honey, so that should make meals more fun! I am hoping eventually I can take whatever we eat for dinner and blend it in the vitamix for him. That way his meals are more tasty and nutrient. 

Waiting for his shots
Flashback to his one month update photo - tiny bird legs. If you look at the sticker size in comparison to his head size, you can see how much his head has grown over the months.


  1. Half a year already?! You're a handsome dud, Baby Hunter :)

  2. Milestone! Closer to 1 than zero. Bittersweet! Enjoy these next couple of months - they are the best.