Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Big Snip

Drugged up on the ride home
He stared at the wall for an hour
..and then passed out
Pretty much what he's been doing the last two days..
We decided back in April 2013 when we got Cooper that we would neuter him when he turned one. Life got a little busy, but we finally got around to scheduling the appointment and as of Friday, Cooper is off the market! 
The first night he did OK..he whined a bit and was pretty bothered by the cone, as expected, but since has been doing just fine. Our biggest challenge is not running into doors and walls! He is such a doof and with the cone he is even doofier. Oh, and Robert and I failed to communicate about who gave him his pain meds and we ended up doubling his meds - yikes! After a call to the ER doc, we were instructed to watch him for any crazy behavior. He was fine..really fine. I think the extra dose was much appreciated on his part because he fell asleep and didn't make a peep!
We love this dog and we are so happy he is in our lives. Hunter finds him hilarious as it is, but with the cone on he never stops laughing.
Cheers to you, Mr. Cooper.

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