Sunday, May 25, 2014

SF Giants

Catching his first train
First SF Giants game as a family
Loving dad
Distracting while the LOUD crowds cheered
A baseball staple
Ear plugs!
Happy boy
Line for the slide was too long
First game - definitely not the last!
Showing off doing pull-ups on the train. People loved him!
Milk break (and stripped off his pants)
Party passengers made him a Mexican man balloon :)
Was a beautiful day in SF today and I am happy we were able to enjoy it. Hunter did great, all things considered. He experienced his first train ride, first giants game, and got his first custom shaped balloon! Hunter always amazes me with how patient and flexible he is when traveling - I always expect the worst, but he continues to prove me wrong :)


  1. The common thread throughout all photos and videos that you post and send is that Hunter is one HAPPY boy! Love his smile and his giggle. Can't wait to see him soon!

  2. What fun photos! He is such a camera ham!! Glad you guys had a wonderful family day!

  3. We must catch a Giants' game this summer!