Sunday, July 6, 2014

Eleven Months!

As of this weekend, we have finally hit the stranger anxiety phase. I was hoping Hunter would kindly skip this milestone, but he graced us with his moodiness this weekend. I've been told it lasts for a couple months and I hope that it's not longer because it makes socializing awkward and frustrating. 
Weight: guessing around 22lbs
Teeth: 7
Milestones: pulling up on everything, cruising, talking up a storm (finally says mama!), threw his first tantrum, stranger anxiety, mindful playing with toys, peekaboo, mimicing certain things (blowing bubbles, choochoo, clapping). 
Biggest change? He is showing a more difficult side of his personality. This is very new so I am not sure how bad it is going to get but I am dreading losing my happy and easy Hunter. Let's hope it passes quickly :)
Hard to believe this guy will be ONE in a few weeks! 

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