Saturday, August 9, 2014

Baby #2 - 14 Weeks

I am unsure about when my weeks are turning over to the next. I actually think I am almost 15 weeks since the baby is measuring ahead, but whatever. After a call to the doctor for awful nausea this week, I was told to drink lots of gingerale and water. I am having a hard time drinking water, which is leading me to dehydration and headaches. The gingerale helped a bit, which led to an easier time drinking water - whoohoo, headaches be gone! I am still super tired but not as bad as I have been so I will take a leap and say I am feeling better.
I had a quick doctors appointment yesterday to check the baby's heartbeat and he/she was pumpin in there! Even my doctor raised his eyebrows at how loud the heartbeat was. Sounds good to me!
 Well, Hunter just woke up (he is singing in his crib) so I better go grab him. It's party time!

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