Saturday, May 2, 2015

Three Months Old - Wyatt

Three months old! I can't believe it. 
Wyatt is doing great these days and pretty much eat, sleeps, hangs in the exersaucer, and kicks on his piano mat. He hates tummy time (we are working on that..) and doesn't like being hungry. He weighs 15.5lbs and is wearing 3-6 months clothes. 
I go back to work this month and having mixed feelings about it - it's been nice being home with Wyatt all day, but I suppose getting back to a more structured schedule will be good for all of us. He will have so much more fun at daycare with Hunter and will probably learn a lot more than he would being home with me and watching Kardashian's all day ;)
Love you Wyatt!

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  1. Such a sweetheart - I want to squeeze him :)