Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Four Months Old - Wyatt

Mr. Wyatt turned four months old yesterday! Where has the time gone? 
Likes: sucking on his hands, eating (duh), grabbing mobiles/toys/my hair/everything, exersaucer, piano kick mat, and kicking (oh, the kicking).
Dislikes: being hungry, staying in one place for too long, having a full diaper, being tired.
Weight: 16lbs 4oz (67%)
Length: 26" (84%)
Head: 42cm (61%)
Wyatt is so much fun these days and is a much more interactive than he was just one month ago. He really engages with us and loves to smile and giggle. He can roll over both ways but is pretty lazy and doesn't do it very often. His gaze follows Hunter around the house and he loves looking at himself in the mirror. 

He is looking less and less like Hunter to me and a lot more like Robert these days. They change so much when they are babies!
Check out Hunter's four month update here. Can we talk about those cheeks?!