Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July

getting a new laptop cord
sucked those sweet potatoes right down
he gets around...
walked from my parents house to the parade - gorgeous day
go USA!
back to school they go <3
Love the long weekends. 
Friday we hung out with the boys, ran errands, relaxed in the grass with snacks, introduced Wyatt to sweet potatoes (!!), and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Saturday we went to the Fourth of July parade in Monterey and then had dinner in Carmel with friends. Sunday we came home and vegged out while Hunter ran around like a maniac. Early naps leave us loooonnngg afternoons, yikes.
Happy 4th!


  1. It's amazing go much Wyatt has grown and changed! And Hunter is becoming such a little boy!! No more baby!! He is so fun to watch at he grows, changes and becomes more adventurous and chatty! Enjoyed the time spent with y'all on Sunday! Miss those sweet faces already!