Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Six Months - Wyatt

How is this baby boy already halfway to one? Seems crazy to me. 
Wyatt is a sweet little (big) guy and he fits right in with our family. He still looks like a baby Hunter to me and I am always curious to see if they will look alike when they are older. He is very strong and has a mean grip. He is also extremely sturdy..his legs, feet, trunk are all very solid.
Loves: jumping in the johnny jumper, giggling, planking, scooting backwards, his pacifier, eating, napping, when we pretend to eat his belly (he giggles so hard), diaper changes, his swing
Dislikes: being hungry, dirty diapers, being in one place for too long
Weight: 18.5lbs (55th percentile)
Length: 90th percentile
We are at such a sweet spot in our lives right now and I am feeling so lucky these days. Hunter is really funny with all of his talking/energy and Wyatt is at my favorite baby age (giggly and mostly immobile). 

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  1. Such a sweet happy baby! Love to kiss those sweet cheeks!