Monday, September 7, 2015

Seven Months - Wyatt

 Wyatt is seven months old. He is eating some solids, but we aren't as consistent as we were with Hunter. By the time I get Hunters food ready and feed him, it's close to bedtime so sometimes Wyatt just sticks with his milk. Second child problems.

He is rolling both ways, sitting like a champ, loving his johnny jumper, stands while holding onto something, has two teeth, wakes up once a night (going to try and kick that habit soon), starting to rock on all fours, loves peaches and berries, and has the loudest screech/cry. He has started "talking" more and occasionally we hear him babble "mamama" and "dadada". I think it's a total fluke, but it's fun to hear.

Weight: 19.5lbs
Size: 9-12 months 
(he is wearing shorts that Hunter can still fit into!)

Wyatt is so sweet when he is happy. His grin is huge and he has the funniest laugh. He is also a very sensitive guy. When he gets upset, he is verrrrry upset. This is different than our experience with Hunter, who was a little more laid back. Wyatt is more extreme, both when happy and upset. He loves to be held and overall is more snugly than Hunter was at this age - I am not complaining! I just wish I had more arms so I could hold him for longer periods of time, but it's hard when you have two little ones that need you at the same time.
Wyatt and Hunter are interacting more and more lately and it is so fun to watch. I don't want to wish away the baby years, but I am really excited to see their relationship develop as Wyatt gets older!