Saturday, December 5, 2015

Ten Months Old - Wyatt

Double digits! 
Wyatt is less baby-like every day and full of personality. He is babbling like crazy and gets around the house fast. 
Likes: eating, jumping in the johnny jumper, his paci, standing/cruising the outside of the ottoman, funny faces and voices, putting everything in his mouth, and being tickled. 
Dislikes: staying in one place too long, being hungry, losing his paci, getting dressed. 
Teeth: 6
Weight: 22.5lbs
Size: 12 months
Sleep: 7pm-5:45/6am (if we give him his paci sometimes he'll sleep in until 6:45am). Naps twice a day - 8-10am, 12:30-3ishPM. Sometimes longer. Yesterday he napped from 1-4pm!
Wyatt has a very healthy appetite and usually eats more than Hunter during mealtime. The other day for breakfast he ate two eggs, a whole banana, black beans, cheerios, and 8oz of milk. For lunch he ate a whole pb&j sandwich. For dinner he ate quinoa, peas, black beans, raspberries, and milk. I don't know how he possibly eats this much!
Words: yeah, yeah, yeah! Dadda, mamma, and cat
Wyatt you are unpredictable and such a mamas boy. You love playing with your bro and stealing his toys (which he hates). 
Love you so much!

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  1. What a happy little guy! Love him :)
    He needs to teach Wes a thing or two about eating.