Thursday, February 25, 2016


Driving boys home from daycare~

"Hunter I am so tired, it's been a long day"
"No, Mommy there's still dinner!" (thanks for the reminder, buddy)

"Hunter did you pee in the potty today? Yissela told me you did great today"
"No, Mommy. I wear undies!"

Getting him up from bed~

"I love you, Hunter. Are you happy?"
"No, Mickey hasn't come back yet"

"Hey there's Mickey mouse. Mickey mouse in da house!"

Every day~

"Mommy/Daddy will be right back?"
"Yes, Hunter she/he will be right back"
When Wyatt is being naughty~
"Wywy, no no no no!" 
"Shh! Be quiet Wywy"

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