Tuesday, February 2, 2016

O-N-E - Wyatt

Well this year sure flew by fast - Happy birthday baby boy Wyatt! You have stolen my heart and are a sweet and demanding little guy. 
Going from one to two babies was much harder than anticipated, especially with your reflux, but after some adjusting, we can't imagine life without you. 
Things about you:
1. You are so sweet - your smile and eyes melt me. 
2. You are also very demanding - when you want something or are frustrated, we all know it (I am sure the neighbors love us). 
3. You love your naps and sleep in general - thank you for that. 
4. You definitely prefer mama - thank you for that. 
5. You have 7 teeth (an 8th popping through) and use them well - 
big eater and a healthy appetite. 
6. You are patient with your big brother even though he steals all your toys, pushes you down, and sits on your face. I have a feeling payback is coming soon...
Weight: 23lbs?
Length: TBD

Love you Wywy and can't wait to watch you grow another year! 

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