Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Growing like weeds

These days are BUSY. 

always a competition :)
Wyatt is really beyond his years - his talking is insane and is more at a two year old level, his strength is immense - again, a two year old level, and his independence is emerging rapidly. People at the park constantly ask me his age and are really surprised when I tell them he is only19 months old - and I agree! Most of me loves this because he can keep up with the big kids and communicate what he wants, but a tiny part of me misses the moldable and dependent baby that does not have an opinion about everything ;)

no fear
Hunter is testing more boundaries and also becoming his own little person. I notice his self awareness is surfacing and when I observe him in different environments it is fun to see him think things out and decide how he will respond. It is interesting to think about what is going on in his little head when he is making decisions. Hunter is a wild three year old with his family members, but at school he is very cautious, polite, and careful, and according to his teacher she is trying to "break him out of his shell." 

loves to bake and help prepare meals
Three year olds are funny little beings - so incredibly frustrating, but also really funny and conversational. Bedtime conversations are my favorite with Hunter and I love listening to what he talks about (kids remember really random details).

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