Friday, June 23, 2017

Adventures in potty training II

I had not planned to potty train Wyatt yet, but a couple of weeks ago I had about three diapers left and I had no plans to leave the house that day, so why not?
I pulled out the baby potty, told Wyatt he would get chocolate chips for peeing, and, voila - he peed! Since that day he's been peeing like a champion. He even wanted to stand up using the big toilet like Hunter, so we ditched the baby potty. Fine by me! I think he has had a total of three accidents (near the beginning) and is nap and night time trained. 

I can hardly believe it.
This process was different with Hunter for a few reasons. Hunter was in daycare, so the training was really inconsistent. Hunter and Wyatt are motivated by different things. Wyatt would kill for some chocolate chips, Hunter not so much. I am more experienced than I was the first time around! Once I took the diapers away, I promised myself not to give in which I think helped Wyatt. Once he picked out his big boy undies, we totally ditched the diapers.

Thank you Wyatt for being such a confident and motivated little man. 

Adventures in potty training with Hunter HERE

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