Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hunter - 15 Month Update

Hunter is 15 months old today! 
In honor of a busy week and a rainy day, we celebrated by watching his first movie - Frozen - in our jammies and building a blanket fort in the family room. He is still a little young, but he watched bits and pieces with me (and laughed at the "Let It Go" song).
snuggling with me and watching Frozen
Milestones: walking, running and falling everywhere, loves trick or treating, sporting a mullet, likes brushing his teeth, loves baths, down to one nap and sleeping 7pm-6/6:30am.
Hunter is constantly talking, most of which we can't understand. His words include uh oh, dog, mama, no, dada, thank you, bye, hola, beep beep, titi, bobo (?), Sella (Yissela, his daycare teacher), and probably a handful of words in Spanish.
rare breakfast in our room while I finished my make-up
Favorite foods: bananas, black beans, cottage cheese, pb&j sandwiches, pluots, blueberries, goldfish, cherrios, mac n cheese (quinoa with cheddar cheese), steamed broccoli, and oatmeal. 
Dislikes: eggs, though he loved them last month so probably just a phase. Diaper changes. Our bed - he has never liked laying in our bed!

Go Giants!
 Favorite things: opening and closing doors/drawers, playing with Cooper and Kenya, the dishwasher, pushing the stroller and/or his "car". He thinks blankets are funny, loves to be tickled, peekaboo, "drumming" on any hard surface. He loves getting zipped into his sleep sack and going to bed. As soon as we put him in there he is happy playing with his bunny and it usually takes him 10-15 minutes before he passes out (thank you, Hunter!).
check out that mullet
Other thoughts: he is a tad more snuggly and loves to hug these days. I don't get too comfy though since it doesn't last long. He still has eight teeth, still wearing 12-18 months clothes, and shoe size is 5.5/6. 
I thought we were entering the tantrum zone around 12 months, but I seemed to have jumped the gun there. We don't have "tantrums" - occasionally he will get frustrated and cry, but it usually doesn't last long. My guess is we will see more toddler-like behavior right around when baby #2 arrives. 
We love you Hunter and can't believe you are already so big. I remember hearing "15 months" a few months ago thinking it was so far away. Before we know it you'll be 18 months old and a big brother - yikes!


  1. Cutest little boy ever!! Growing up so fast!

  2. Such a sweet, happy boy! Love his smiles!

  3. Congrats on another milestone, Hunter !