Saturday, October 3, 2015

Eight Months Old - Wyatt

Yesterday Wyatt turned eight months old! I can hardly believe it. He is so interactive, babbling up a storm, and starting to take an interest in whatever Hunter is up to.
Likes: eating, crawling, rolling, jumping in the Johnny Jumper, his pacifier.
Dislikes: being hungry, being in one spot for too long.
Weight: heavy
Milestones: crawling! He and Hunter met this milestone to the day - it's pretty neat to compare them, as so far they have met milestones at the same exact time. 
Wyatt did not care too much for purees, so I started feeding him whatever Hunter was eating and it is going great. I am amazed at how much food he can pack down (last night he had avocado toast, strawberries, bananas, black beans, and broccoli). It's really nice that I only have to prepare one meal for both of them and that I don't have to spoon feed him - frees up my hands so I can cook dinner for Robert and me. Also today both boys ate PB&J's, crackers, and fruit for easy.
In the mornings Wyatt babbles a ton: gagaga, babababa, dadadada, etc.
Lastly, he is sleeping through the night pretty consistently - whoohoo! He was still waking up around 3am for the longest time, but now he usually makes it until 6ish. Sometimes he will wake and I will pop his paci in his mouth and he is back to sleep. This kid lovvvves his pacifier.
I can't believe he is on his way to ONE :( Time is going too fast.

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