Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nine Months Old - Wyatt

Our Wywy is 9 months old! This past month has been different.
We moved Wyatt into Hunter's room a few weeks ago and it was going really well, however, for the past week Wyatt has been struggling around 4am. I keep telling myself he is teething, but it's getting to the point where I think he may be sleep regressing. Usually I wait these things out and after 3-4 days it passes, but after a week and a half I am getting exhausted and frustrated.
Hunter has slept through the crying since we merged rooms, but last night he was chatting in his crib from 1:45am-5:30am (we got him up for good). I felt so bad that Hunter woke up, so tonight we put Wywy back in the man cave. I think Wyatt is teething, so if we can pop that tooth, re-sleep train through the night, and then move him back into Hunter's room we will be ok.
Wyatt is crawling everywhere, demands to feed himself (don't take away his spoon!), loves his toy shovel, he is testing out his pipes (that boy can SCREAM), eating everything, and is very grabby. Overall he is demanding! Way different from Hunter. At the same time, when he laughs and smiles, he is so sweet and loving.
We have his wellness check on Thursday morning and I will know his length and weight - I do know he is huge and weighs way more than Hunter did at 12 months, haha.
Pop that tooth Wywy!

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