Sunday, April 10, 2016

PG Living

We are officially Pacgrovians! I quit my job and am officially a stay at home mom (for now)!
It has been an exhausting move, as I worked up until the day before the truck arrived. Also, now we have two small kids, so that takes moving to the next level! But seeing the house come together has been fun and I look forward to slowly decorating and settling in.
The transition from being a working mom to a stay at home mom has been a learning experience. I am so used to a fast paced day with not nearly enough time for anything (including my kids) and my primary focus being my job. 
Now all eyes are on my kids, which has been really nice some days and challenging on other days. I am learning to walk slower, listen more, and get creative with activities! No reason to rush or be busy all the time. Sometimes playing trucks in the front yard for two hours or building towers in the backyard is just what we need. 
So far we have been walking everywhere! Coffee shops, dinner, sisters houses, beach trips, parks, Robert Down after dinner, and of course The Good Ol Days. Our location is awesome and we look forward to making memories here. 

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  1. Welcome to the "hood, Anna & Robert! The O's are so lucky to have our gals and their families close by :)