Saturday, April 2, 2016

14 Months - Wyatt

My meatball is 14 months old! He is such a lovey guy and so different from Hunter these days. I see the resemblance of them, but am seeing more differences as they get older.
Wyatt has the sweetest face, eyes, THIGHS, and hugs. He is intense and impulsive. He knows what he wants and he goes for it - food, toys, Hunter, etc. - when he wants it he gets it! There is something about him that has me constantly saying "aww" and giving him huge kisses on his fat cheeks. He is just so delicious.

-Wearing 18 months-2T (the boys basically share everything, except shoes)
-Weighs 26-27lbs
-Cruising like a maniac and has started standing unassisted - no walking yet though
-Likes: food, being held, sleeping, taking Hunter's toys, cruising, climbing, and being naked
-Dislikes: diaper changes, car seat sometimes, seeing someone's food and not getting a taste

Wyatt is an unpacker, he likes to take everything out of drawers, boxes, etc. (i.e. he was not helpful during the packing process!). He is a daredevil and loves to climb. He climbs the couch, ottoman, rocking chair, etc. Soon he will be the child that climbs the entertainment center and knocks over the tv.
In short, Wyatt will be the scariest toddler, but we love him. He brings us so much joy and makes me want a million little boys.


  1. Love you WyWy!! Such a little snugly love bug!

  2. Cute guy. Can't believe he's growing up so fast!