Monday, April 25, 2016

13-15 weeks - Baby #3

Hello second trimester! Baby is now 4 inches long and the size of an apple. 
I am finally feeling out of the woods with all the first trimester exhaustion and nausea- hooray :) 
I am in the process of switching doctors so I am not sure when my next appointment is, but I was told my new doctor would likely do a baseline ultrasound, which means we get a bonus look at our little babe. Can't wait! 
I am sad to be leaving my physician at Stanford, but it makes sense for me to be closer to home, especially now that I am home with the boys everyday and they aren't at daycare. 
I am still not showing nearly as much as I was with Wyatt at this point which surprises me being my third pregnancy. I am also having some heartburn this time which I didn't really experience the last two pregnancies. I think I remember having it twice at the verrrry end of Wyatts pregnancy. 
I started feeing flutters at 14 weeks and can't wait for those baby kicks to get stronger. Overall I feel pretty normal and can't complain :)

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