Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Date Weekend

Robert's Father's Day gift
Damaetra's at Carmel Beach
Caramel Chocolate covered apple
Next morning breakfast at First Awakenings
A quiet breakfast, just us two!
Took Robert kayaking for Father's Day!
..and a kid-free trip to Costco
I planned a kid-free 24 hours with Robert last weekend and it was fun! We never do date nights anymore (and to be honest I think we are both too tired to be out late anyway) so I decided to plan a few fun activities for us to catch up and hangout together.
Friday night we got Damaetra's take-out, went to Carmel Beach, walked around downtown and picked up a few treats at the bakery, then came home and watched a movie. 
Saturday morning we enjoyed breakfast at First Awakenings (we actually had a conversation and enjoyed each other!), went kayaking off Monterey Beach and paddled out to the aquarium, then out to Costco (romantic!).
Thank you Amy, Lori, and Peter for watching the kids - appreciate the time alone with Robert :)

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