Monday, June 6, 2016

Wyatt's Words at 16 Months

Wyatt's vocabulary is exploding and it seems like he has new words and/or phrases on a daily basis. I am not sure if it is the ages or if it is because they are only hearing English every day now, but English has improved a lot for both Wyatt and Hunter the last couple of months. 

I was looking back at Hunter's milestones at this age and he had a fraction of the words Wyatt has! It is so interesting to watch the kids grow and see the similarities and differences. They both make me so proud.

Here are Wyatt's words so far (and I know I am missing some, but I don't write them down daily, so this is just from my memory)...
Mama, dada, dog, ruff ruff, cat, meow, thank you, I love you, rawr (lion/bear), boat, you're welcome, mickey mouse, bye bye, uh oh, I dropped it, bath, mmmm, night night, window, vroom vroom, no, no, no, flower, nose (and can point to it), eyes (and can point to them), feet, opa, oma, more, blanket, car, paci, and muuuaaaahhhh.

I am happy that he is starting to talk more and hope having words will help him communicate more effectively with us during the toddler years.

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