Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Operation: take away pacifier

Wyatt has a serious love affair with his white blanket and his pacifier. He is adorably comforted by both of them when he is in pain, frustrated, or just tired. Bedtime is really easy - as soon as he lays down with his blanket and pacifier he has a huge smile on his face and we never hear a peep from him.

At 16 months old Robert and I decided it was time to take the pacifier away. Now that he is walking around and growing into a toddler, I think he is capable of soothing himself and I really do not want him dependent on the pacifier when he is going through tantrums.
We decided to let him have the pacifier during sleep time, as he is so addicted to it I wanted to tackle the daytime first.

Day one pretty much looked like this:
theeeeee saddest face ever

He was soooo miserable (and so were we). He is also on meds for a double ear infection and has a molar popping through (didn't realize until after the fact), so I am not sure all the screaming was just because of the pacifier..

Day two looked like this:

He was a different child! Happy and didn't cry once for the pacifier, thank goodness. He also napped without a peep, which was a very pleasant surprise. 
As I am typing, he is sleeping soundly and went down just like any other night. Hooray for mission accomplished in less than 48 hours!


  1. Omg! Those first two photos had me near tears! :'( Poor sweet Wyatt! Glad he's doing better and hopefully feeling better! Auntie feels his pain with the double ear infections! ❤️

  2. Poor guy :( Makes Oma want to secretly
    buy him a new pacifier