Wednesday, January 23, 2013

NT Scan

We had our NT scan on Tuesday (tests for Down Syndrome, Trisomy13 and Trisomy18) which was exciting and nerve-wracking. Good news is the baby looks active and healthy <measuring ahead at 13 weeks, heartbeat at 169bpm> with no signs of birth defects.
Think they printed out enough photos for us?
We got to see several different angles of the baby - including the brain chambers (weird), arms, legs, belly, butt, etc. This appointment was fun because the ultrasound lasted for about 30 minutes, so we had a lot of time to watch the baby do his thing in there! 

The next ultrasound around 20 weeks will confirm the sex :)


  1. Sounds like Baby Andersen is thriving and on its way to being a healthy little tot :)

  2. How awesome! Glad to hear Baby A is healthy :)