Friday, May 10, 2013

28 Weeks (7 Months)

How far along? 28 weeks 
Size: Chinese cabbage (weighing 2.2lbs and almost 15 inches long) 
Maternity clothes? Thanks to dresses, I've put off shopping a little longer :)
Overall I am just feeling big and tired. I am feeling a lot like I did in the first trimester in terms of exhaustion. Luckily the pain from last week has subsided for the most part, so I don't have much to complain about!
Sleep: Aside from Kenya partying during the night this week, sleep has been okay. I am waking up several times throughout the night - but when I am sleeping, I am sleeping well.

Best moment this week:
We toured a couple of daycare facilities, organized my maternity leave, and had a fun night at the Giants game (probably our last as a twosome)! We still have several more daycare's to visit, but I am happy we got a head-start on this since a lot of places have waiting lists and each place seems to offer something different. 

Oh! And finding out the Smith's are moving to Monterey - so happy they will be closer and very proud of Nick on the new job! 
Worst moment of the week: I can't think of anything!
Miss anything? Stomach sleeping. Flopping back and forth to either side is difficult and annoying at 2am. I wish I could see it on video because I'm sure it's a sexy sight to see :)

Movement: When I feel him, he is really strong! I still think he is transverse, although it did feel like he was flipping around while I was in yoga the other day so I don't know. I am hoping the doctor can give me an idea of his position at our appointment on Monday.

Food cravings:  Quinoa, eggs, mixed greens (yay), raw tomatoes (so weird). We skipped our last Paxti's date and I haven't had any interest in making it up. Since I feel so big and stuffed already, fatty food is not appealing right now.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No

Have you started to show yet: Growing out of a few maternity tops so layering is a must. It's weird saying I am seven months pregnant - that number seemed like it was so far away, not long ago.

Labor signs: None
Belly Button in or out? Still in but flattens out throughout the day - my scar is looking strange these days. 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Mother's Day this weekend and our appointment on Monday! Love hearing that heartbeat.

What's the baby up to?
  • He has his own regular intervals for sleeping and being awake.
  • 2.2 pounds weight and is 14.8 inches in length from head to heel.
  • His feet are just over 2 inches (5.5cm) long.
  • Hair on his head is now clearly visible.
  • His milk teeth have developed under the gums.
  • His eyes are starting to move in their sockets.
Brain waves show rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which means your baby may be dreaming. Eyelids are opening. Eye color may change within the first six months of life especially if your baby's eyes are blue or gray-blue at birth. Remember to talk to your baby often; reading stories, singing songs has been seen to slow the baby's heart rate. He or she can recognize your voice now and will often calm to it later after birth.
During this time of your pregnancy, your belly will grow about half an inch (1cm) each week.
Branches of lungs are quite developed now, so there is a good chance that baby would survive if born prematurely now. If your baby is born this week, the chances of survival is now at least 90 percent.

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  1. Baby A seems to be coming along beautifully!