Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hunter - 20 Months

How are you almost TWO? He is so funny and full of life, I love this kid.

 Bath time is a favorite around here and he loves "reading" books (he grabs them off the shelf, finds Robert or me, sits on our lap and says a bunch of gibberish while "reading".
He loves putting on and taking off his shoes and socks (always takes them off in the car). 
He talks a lot, but we still don't understand a lot of it.

He still ignores Wyatt for the most part and doesn't seem to see that he even exists unless we make a big deal about him being in the same room. I guess it's better than crying jealousy?


  1. Cannot believe he's almost 2! Happy 20 Months Big Guy :)

  2. Hunter is an awesome guy! Cutest grandsons ever!