Thursday, April 2, 2015

Two Months Old - Wyatt

Today I took Wyatt to his two month wellness check up and the doctor says he is perfect.
Just what I like to hear.
Weight: 14lbs (86th percentile)
Length: 23 inches (52nd percentile)
What's he doing lately? Lots of smiles, cooing, kicking, swatting hanging toys, and sleeping. He loves baths and being diaper free :)
He wakes up about two times during the night and takes four naps during day, the morning one being the longest.
All photos taken right after shots - he was not a happy guy


  1. Big day for Wyatt! Happy 2 Months! What a cutie :)

  2. Shots are no fun! Two months already! Getting so big!

  3. What a handsome dude (just like his daddy and big bro:)