Monday, May 9, 2016

15 months- Wyatt

On May 2nd Wyatt turned 15 months old. We took him to his 15 months wellness check up and here are his stats:

Weight: borderline 26lbs (86%)
Height: 32.5" (91%)
Head: 18.5cm (55%)

Likes: tackling his brother, knocking things over, his paci, fooooood...all the food, sleep + naps, his's his baby, stroller walks, screeching, and climbing on everything.
Dislikes: diaper changes, getting splashed in the face in the bath, being ignored, and being hungry.
Wyatt is allllmost walking. He is trying so hard and can take steps unassisted, but isn't quite independent yet. He can crawl super fast and I can tell this is still his preferred mode of transportation, but his motivation to walk is strong. He is a top heavy guy, so getting his balance has been a struggle for him.
Wyatt has 10 teeth and he is popping molars right now (poor guy). His appetite is still strong and he will eat pretty much anything (aside from broccoli, no thanks). He is weaning off of his morning nap. I notice if he takes his morning nap, it's much harder for him to go down in the afternoon. Depending on the day he will still get the morning nap - it just depends what we are doing that day.
He is waving, blowing kisses, and clapping his hands on demand - so cute.
He talks a ton! Words include mama, dada, dog, window, I love you, thank you, down, all done, and mmmm. Also, a lot of screaming and babbling. This boy is loud.

Wyatt we love your always expressive faces and loud personality. You keep us on our feet and make us sweat a little, but we love you so much <3

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