Monday, May 30, 2016

The Sweetest Sicky and Other Hunter-isms

Can we just talk about how sweet Hunter has been recently? He has been sick - terrible fever, sweats, chills, hardly sleeping, and a cough. It is so sad! But throughout this week of sickness, he has been so polite and sweet. As much as I hate seeing him sick (and being stuck inside watching cartoons all day), I am loving his attitude. 

For my own memory, I have to document these things, especially since age three is approaching rapidly and I may need this for my sanity.

-Hunter asks me to lay in bed with him before his nap/bedtime to read the same two books: Ten Apples Up on Top and Brown Bear, Brown Bear.
-He almost always says thank you. This is big for me since I feel like I push "please" and "thank you's" on both kids a million times a day. Makes me feel good to hear thank you from my two year old, even when I am not expecting it.
-He is obsessed with the measuring tape right now and takes it with him everywhere. He took it to the dentist office so he could show the doctor his "nammers" (numbers). He asks me to help him measure everything: his toe, his foot, Cooper, etc. It's so sweet.
-When he doesn't want to do something, he says "no thank you mommy, not right now/I'm not ready yet." It's so cute I have a hard time arguing with him.
-The way he asks to wear his "undies"
-Through all the snot and coughing he still manages to tell him how much he loves me.
-Hunter emphasizes the "s" at the end of words. "Yeah-S, mommy"  -- Robert and I laugh in silent, as it is hilarious. 
Sappy, but I don't want to forget these moments. 

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